Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friends, Family, Foes, and Fellow Men...

I feel like it's been ages since I've written a real-life letter (I wonder how many of my letters start this way...) so I hope this one makes up for the lack.

My week in review-

Monday: We helped a less-active woman clean her home in preparation for a new baby. Poor dear...she found out that she was pregnant, and then was scheduled for her C-Section a week later. She'd been going to the Dr. feeling sick, gaining weight...and they could not figure out what was wrong with her! Anyways we went and scrubbed her house with her. It was so fun.

Tuesday: had a cool experience with one of my favorite families. We went over to the Martensen's home to teach, and when we got there, Sister Martensen was trying to do laundry. About half way through our lesson the washer quit working...just stopped, mid-soak cycle. Sister Clark decided that "oh! Sister Derrick's dad is an engineer! I bet she could fix it!"

Ummm...? So I start messing around with their washer, and praying way hard. Harder than I 've prayed in a while. Then...all of a sudden it starts. It was such a cool experience. No matter what it is, or how un-qualified you are to do something the Lord can and will help you, if it's His will.

Wednesday: Met a cool new less-active member, got dropped by one of our investigators. Weird day!

Thursday: Taught some cool Hindu people! It's my first Hindus I've ever taught...we went over with a member and prayed with them. Pretty sweet!

Friday: Sister Clark and I got to give a training @ Zone Training Meeting...and believe it or not, I actually enjoyed it!

Saturday: Biked in the rain. Had some super spiritual lessons. Worked way hard. Good day!

Sunday: Church. Ahh I love church! Jim (one of our eternal investigators) came. Shardan got the priesthood...good day!

And then today. Oh! I got a letter from Brother Bryson Bailey (Bryndee and her companion, Sister Belyea, taught him when she lived in Simpsonville)! He's going to the Temple at the end of August/beginning of September (she hopes to still be around when he goes through so she can be there with wonderful it will be to see him again...and in the Temple!)! I'm sooooo happy! Well that's my week. It was hard, exhausting, and completely wonderful!
Bryndee, Bryson, and Sister Belyea, July 2013 right after Bryson's baptism. 

Y'all have a blessed week!


Sister Derrick

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