Monday, September 8, 2014

Fort Jackson Mlitary Base!

Hola Familia!

Well it's been quite the week.. One of those weeks where you sit down on P-Day with your open notebook and think "shoot...where in the sam heck do I even start?..."

Well, coolest part of my week (or it might be the craziest. I can't decide...): I had the opportunity to teach on Fort Jackson Military Base. Every Sunday, a group of missionaries go, and help conduct sacrament meeting services @ the little chapel on base. Members come and usually bring their battle-buddies (similar to a mission companion...with each other 24/7). The missionaries' job is to find, teach, and baptize these soldiers. The cool thing is these privates spend their whole week being beat down, yelled at, and kicked to the the moment they walk into that chapel,they're so humbled that they feel the spirit almost instantly. Many tears are shed and many people are taught. It was like nothing I've ever experienced. Wonderful.

I'm sending pictures (finally).

Love y'all!

Have a blessed week!

Sister Derrick
We send this as a postcard through the mail to every member on their birthday.  They love it!  I've never seen my face posted in so many people's homes...

Sister Clark, Bryndee, and Ruby (their red car).

Mongolian Grill.  They look like wet dogs...but cute wet dogs!

P-Day at the Zoo!

Such a cute picture of cute girls!  Sister Clark and Bryndee

Sister Clark and Bryndee got recorders.  She found a hidden talent...she can play almost any hymn (with in range)!

Sister Clark and Bryndee at church
(this picture was actuallly sent to me from a thoughtful member)

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