Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bryndee Is Off!!

Bryndee is off! We took her to the airport this morning. Mom and Cassie picked her up in Salt Lake and met Stacey for lunch. After lunch they went to the Provo Temple for some pictures and then off to the MTC for their 2 1/2 minute goodbye. I sure love this girl and am going to miss her something terrible!

The Derrick  Family at the airport...saying goodbye to Bryndee.  This is the last time our family will all be together for many years.  Poor Porter he must have touched some grease and then rubbed his face...if you look closely he has a grease smear on his chin.

Mom and Cassie picked Bryndee up at the Salt Lake airport and then met Stacey in Provo for lunch.

Bryndee tolerating lunch...she was ready to go!             Cassie, Bryndee, Stacey, and Mom at MTC.

Bryndee off to the MTC and ready to start her new adventure!

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