Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bryndee's 2nd and last letter from the MTC...Crazy Huh?

Hello family (and who ever else reads these! :)) Hope its been a good week!
Porter, Torie, and Ellie should be getting a letter in the mail soon (sorry they took so long, we can only write on Saturdays) but they can look for those. Tell the other kids to write me!!!
Pretty please? I would love to hear from them.

Mom- I'm not positive that I can call home from the airport, but if I can It'll be either from 4:30 to 7:00 in the morning, or whenever I get into SC (sorry, that's all the info they gave me... its about a 6 hour flight? if that helps?) Thank you for all the Dear Elders! They are seriously the best part of my day. I LOVE YOU!!!

This week we committed John to baptism (Ahh! most exciting thing ever!) and acquired 4 more investigators. Claudia reminds me a lot of Erma, and is super Catholic (which is kinda cool, Ive learned a lot about their religion as I've taught her about ours) Mary Beth is from Texas, and we could totally be friends. Shane the father of a part member family, and is having kind of a hard time believing our Father in Heaven cares about him. Robert is actually a member, but is inactive. Its been amazing to see just how many people need to know how much they are loved by their Father in Heaven. So many people feel so alone! There is a beautiful feeling when they finally realize and believe that they are loved.

Porter, Dad, and whoever else is Interested- A Really awesome article by President Hinckley: Find The Lambs, Feed The Sheep (may 1999 Ensign). Read it.

Dad, Did you ever go out to lunch with Mr. Eckert? How'd it go?

Okay, weird request: you know the song "longer than forever" from that animated swan princess movie? well, my companion keeps singing it, and it tends to get stuck in our heads.... but we only know like the first six words... could someone send us the lyrics? Please... for our sanity??
I FINALLY saw Sister Severtson! It was great to see her! I'm really gonna miss her like crazy when I leave! Could someone also send me her address? It's on her mission blog, I just forgot to write it down...

Random story: So, the other day I was outside for our study time with Sister Mumford, and while sitting on the same bench, I saw Elder Claridge, Sister Severtson, and a bunch of other people I knew from High School (this never happens!)! It was kinda exciting! There was also a random deer that ran through the campus... Scared the stuffing out of all of us....
Well, I love you all, and Ill try to send pictures as soon as I can... Most of these computers can't upload them.

God Lives and loves each and every one of us!!!

Sister Derrick

p.s. excuse my spelling and grammar.... time limit....

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