Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bryndee's Letter To The YW of Coronado 1st Ward

To the YW of the Coronado 1st Ward,                                                                    April 2013

Hello!  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen yall!  I’m not entirely sure what to write since my Mom sent me and email saying “write a letter to the girls” and that was it…so here is what I decided to do:

1.  You are good enough!  I don’t know why, but for some reason girls never feel like they’re doing enough.  Something my Mission President has adopted as a motto is: “Elders are adequate, but sisters are perfect!”  Now I almost never feel perfect but he still tells me that anyways…because that’s how the Lord feels about me!  The Lord would NEVER tell me I’m not good enough so why should I tell myself that?  Remember this:  The prophets and Apostles are constantly telling us that the Lord has a soft spot for the youth.  And that the Lord has a soft spot for the women as well.  So what does that make you?!?  YOU ARE BOTH!!!  The Lord loves you so love yourself! 

2.  Have good examples!  Okay, as much as I love Taylor Swift, I’m sure she’s had at least 3 boyfriends since I’ve been gone (almost 3 months)  The women that the world tries to emulate are not all they’re cracked up to be.  Who wants to live like them?  If you’re looking for someone to emulate why not try Ester?  Or Emma Smith?  Or Marjorie Pay Hinckley? Or Mother Theresa?  These are women whose names will be remembered forever.  These are the kind of women you want to look to! 

3.    Its ok to be extraordinary!   I don’t know if this is one that will apply to everyone, but it’s something I wish I would have known in high school.  I spent so much time and energy trying to fly under the radar, not wanting to be different from everyone else.  I had gifts and talents that I didn’t share, opinions I didn’t voice and questions I never asked because I was afraid.
Jesus Christ had lots of gifts and talents.  He was an excellent teacher, a master story teller, and a dedicated leader…and you know what?  People did think he was weird…but weird wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Do you think he would have amassed so many followers if he had acted just like the Pharisees?   Would he have been able to establish his church if he had emulated the scribes?  NO!  He was different!  He was unafraid to boldly preach the truth!  And so should we be.  It is ok to be that kid that answers every question in seminary.  It is good to us words like “gee-dangit”.  It’s wonderful to share the Gospel with our friends!  The Lord tells us that we were sent to earth during this time for a reason, because we are elect.  So act like it!
4.  The internet is a MASSIVE waste of time!!!  I am ashamed of the amount of time I spent on facebook and pinterest before I left on my mission.  Word to the wise:  DON’T DO IT!!!!  It’s really not that great.  It won’t make you a better or more interesting person.  It really not that fun, and let’s face it:  how often do you actually do the things you pin on pinterest? 

Well in closing I hope you’re all enjoying this time.  If I am being completely honest I wish I would have taken the time to enjoy High School more.  You only get to do this once so enjoy it!  Time is too precious! 

I love you all!  If you want to shoot me a letter you can write me at:

Sister Bryndee Derrick

South Carolina, Columbia Mission

110 Oak Park Drive

Ste B

Irmo, SC 29063 


Sister Derrick

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