Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Look Like Peter Pan...

So. I may or may not have made a very rash; humidity induced decision and cut off all of my hair. Humidity makes people do craaaazy things... I don't think I'm a fan....
Oh well, It'll grow, I guess.


After!  She was going for a Jennifer Goodwin look (as Aunt Bea in the Romana and Beezus movie).  I don't think her stylist knew what she was talking about.  Oh well it will grow and in the mean time she doesn't have hair on her neck in horrible humidity!
This week we have been on a word of wisdom kick. I can honestly say that I have never been in possession of a pack of cigarettes, but this week, we collected a good 10 packs or so! We were teaching one guy named Unice, and he had a pack of cigarettes and a lighter in his hand... we asked if he would give them to us, and he said he was just going to smoke the one last pack, and then be done with them forever. Sister Gardner looked him dead in the eyes and said-
"Unice, God.... or Cigarettes?"
There was no hesitation.
Without another word, he handed over the pack and the lighter. It was such a cool experience!

All the cigarettes and lighters they collected!

On p-day last week, we got the opportunity to learn how to knit! I can just hear mom groaning and calling me an old lady, but I love it! ;) (Torie may or may not be getting a scarf in the mail for her birthday....) We were taught by Sister Dent, who is the primary president. She's like our Missionary Grandma... She's wonderful!

Who we've been working with this week-

Tatiana and Luther- They got married this week! The coolest part about being a missionary is watching people change... they didn't want to be sinning anymore, so the up and went to the courthouse and got married without telling anyone but Luther's dad, who they called on the way there.

 George- George is so cute! He is a 40 year old, toothless less active member who, when we asked him what blessings he wanted from God, replied with "I just want a wife!" . We got him a ride for church on Sunday and he called us Sunday morning at 6:45 to let us know that he was dressed and ready for church (Church starts at 9:00 :)) He was just so excited to go!

Bryndee and George

This week, we also had our very first open house! It was beautiful, with Mormon messages and posters and cookies.... We met quite a few people and are looking forward to doing it again next month!

I feel like this week’s letter is kind of short and scatterbrained, sorry!

Have a blessed day, ya’ll!

S. Derrick

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