Monday, July 22, 2013

On Trunkiness and Ghettoclassy!

Missionaries have lots of words that normal people don’t normally use. As this has been recently brought to my attention, please enjoy the following:

A Missionary Dictionary:

Creaster: (n.) Someone who only attends church on Christmas and Easter. Basically everyone we knock into that isn't Baptist. :)

Trunky: (adj.) Someone who is so beyond ready to go home. Basically, my district leader, Elder Olsen (also known as Elder Oldsen ;)) this week. He led his very last District Meeting this week, and it was one of the best DDM's I’ve ever been to. We basically all sat in a circle and listened to miracles and stories from his mission. There is nothing more inspiring than listening to someone who has been through their whole mission, just talk about it. My favorite story was when E. Olsen and E. Butters (no idea who that is...) had just finished teaching a really amazing lesson. The spirit was there, and the lady was ready to be baptized. They were biking the 3 miles home when a hurricane hit. They were soaked. It was pitch black, and the only time you could see more than the few feet in front of you was when lightning struck and lit up the forest. The trees were swaying. And then, in the middle of all this..... E. Olsen's bike broke. It was 10 Min. to 9:30, so they just started running. Elder Olsen told us he couldn't think of more adverse conditions, and yet.... They were so happy! They were just so stoked about their lesson, they didn’t even care! They found so much joy in teaching, and you could just see it in E. Olsen's face as he talked about it. It was just so inspiring... I want to be like that!

Diso: (adj.) Disobedient. Pretty much the worst thing a missionary can be. Also, just a fun word to say :)

Ghettoclassy: (adj.) almost cute, in a super ghetto way. Like having a bright pink suburban or using garden lattice instead of a screen door. When you get out in the sticks, or into the projects, you see lots and lots and lots of ghettoclassy :)

Eternigator: (n.) an eternal investigator. Basically someone who's been taught all the lessons, but refuses to set a baptismal date. They know it’s true, they're just afraid to make the jump, for whatever reason. We have SO. MANY. Of those right now, so we've been knocking a ton this week. We're hoping to find some solid new people to teach, who are actually going to progress.

Greenie: (n.) A Trainee. I’ve gone on lots and lots of exchanges with greenies this week... We started with Sister Simmons from Utah, who came down here to work with me in Simpsonville. She normally serves in Greer (pronounced Grrrrrrr :)) and is so cute! She came on a mission because she spent a semester in china teaching English, and met so many people she wanted to share the gospel with, but couldn’t because of government restrictions. The next day, I got to go down to Gaffney (which is basically Thatcher AZ, but in South Carolina) and serve with Sister Lester, from California. Gaffney is an interesting place to serve, because the town was originally established by Cherokee Indians, and has tons of streets named after Book of Mormon characters! They have a Nephi and a Lehi street, and their elementary school is called Alma! So cool!

Hope that was helpful. :)

Well, I hope y’all have a blessed day!

S. Derrick

P.S. Ellie sent me a letter asking if I could speak any languages yet. I caught myself legitimately using "ain't" in a sentence a few days ago... does that count?


Sister Belyea!

The first sister signatures in the drawer.


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