Monday, September 16, 2013

Holy Long Week!

Holy long week. Getting an area booted up is exhausting! Just a heads up, if anyone sent me any mail in the last 3 weeks or so, it’s probably coming back to you. The mission office had my address wrong, so it was going to the wrong apartment. I'm getting it fixed today though :)  

So, Miracles this week: 

On Wednesday night, we were knocking a quick street because we had some time before our missionary coordination meeting. We knocked on a door, and a tall, skinny, black guy answered the door. He was on the phone, and looked kind of annoyed. Before we could get a word out, he shot out "I don’t have time, can y’all just come back tomorrow?" and shut the door.

uhh... okay. Will do :)

So, we come back the next day expecting one of those awkward "oh, I didn’t actually expect you to come back, I was just trying to get rid of y’all" experiences (this happens a lot...). To our surprise, we find him sitting on the front porch, waiting for us! His name was Devin, and he was a corrections officer, looking for a little peace and direction. We taught him the first lesson on the spot, and invited him to be baptized. You could just tell that the spirit was testifying to him when he sat and thought for a minute, and then quietly said "yeah... that’s something I would be very interested in..." 

Yesterday, we were biking around one of the more populated parts of our area. We were super hungry (we pretty much ran out of groceries this week....) and didn’t have water (Sis. McNeece set her water bottle down to lock up the bikes, and it rolled into the sewer...) and nobody was answering their doors. We rode by the home of one of our members, Sis. Soulsbee, and felt to knock on her door. She had stayed home from church sick that day, so we were pretty wary, but we followed the prompting, and she pulled us right in. without being asked, she fed us and gave us water.... we were so grateful! The Lord sure takes care of his missionaries!  

That same day, we were biking to the home of a less active member, and found out that the address that was on the ward roster didn’t exist. Shoot. So, we decide to knock the area where we were, and found a new neighborhood! This is a big deal, because most of our area is so spread out, it’s hard to find areas with concentrated people. And this neighborhood was awesome... lots of families. We ran into a group of about 30 kids playing football, and we taught them a little bit, and then they all ran in to get their parents, or asked us to knock on their doors.... we left that neighborhood with full appointment books. Such a blessing! 

We also met some really interesting people this week... one lady really stands out in my head. I never caught her name, but she was "holiness Pentecostal" and had been "since scratch"... she wasn’t interested in our message, but appreciated what we were doing, and then launched into a story about how the government was supposed to be based off of the 10 commandments, and about lots of different conspiracy theories and how Cain was the offspring of Satan whereas able was the son of Adam, and somehow that tied into "Joseph and Esau" and how Joseph was secretly the devil because he was holding on to Esau’s heel.... I don’t even know. She went off for a good 10 minutes, and then shook our hands and went back inside. We couldn’t even get in a word edgewise.

Funniest. Contact. Ever.  

Have y’all seen those new intros to Mormons videos? They're so great! Share them with everyone!!! :) 

Whelp that’s my week. Hope yours is full of miracles :) 

Y’all have a blessed week!

Sister Derrick

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