Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello From.............

SPARTANBURG! :) looks like I’m opening another area, and training a new companion! So far, it’s been quite the adventure...  

But first- a few random things that happened in Simpsonville: 

-I got to go on a picnic to a place called Ceaser's head with an investigator named Steven. Super fun!
Ceaser Head
Cute Bryndee.  First time in jeans since she has been in the mission field.
Sister Belyea and Bryndee.  Someday Bryndee will be taller and older than her compions...someday!

- We got to eat dinner with Bryson on Monday... and I had my first green bean casserole. Southern food is so good! :)

One last lesson with Bryson!
-Sis. Houston still has no visa! I’m pretty sure she's going to stay here forever! 

Simpsonville taught me so much. It taught me that I really can do tough things.... I’m sure going to miss that place! Not to mention Sister Belyea.... She really was a wonderful companion. 

Bryndee can do tough things...check out the size of this spider!
Bryndee and Sister Belyea...last time together as companions.

New Companionships.  Bryndee with Sister McNeece and Sister Belyea and Sister Ramstedt.

Okay, so my new area is the Spartanburg 1st ward. This ward hasn’t had sisters in years, so we're super excited to be here! The elders gave us the south part of their area, which has really never been worked, so we're pretty much starting from scratch. We share the ward with the zone leader, which is kinda intimidating, but super inspiring as well! These guys are awesome!  

Sister McNeece is great. She is so calm and collected, even when things fall apart a million different ways. She's from Springville Utah, 21 years old (someday I'll get someone younger than me.... :p) and loves to bake and cook and read. 

So, when you open an area, you usually get a box with a phone, and car keys, and apartment keys, and media (pass-along cards, bom's, etc...) after transfer meeting. We were excited about our area, and ready to go, when we go look for this box, and........... nothing. The assistants had forgotten to make one for our area. Luckily we had a member ride, so sister Graves (who is a rock star...) drove us all over Columbia so we could get a phone (which ended up not even working when we got it... ), and then took us back to Simpsonville to pick up a car, and then back to Spartanburg. It was a little bit of a mess, but kinda fun :) 

So, this week looks like making a map and area book, and seeing if we can pick up some people to teach.  

Sorry this letter is so short, there’s not much to write about yet!  

Y’all have a blessed week!

Sis. Derrick


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