Monday, August 26, 2013

On The Ordinance of Baptisim, And Other Things!

This week, we have been walking like crazy. Our miles situation is really very sad. Sister Belyea and I were trying to figure out how many miles we had walked one day, and we put it all in the GPS.... it was over 12 miles. Yikes! Well, Sunday brings the new month, and with that new miles :) 

This week started with an exchange with Sister Christensen from Vernal, UT (doesnt know the Kendall family... I was super surprised! I thought everyone knew everyone in Vernal! ) She was super fun to work with... I’ve never met someone with so much energy! It was awesome to see her work. We got to visit with a couple of less active sisters out in Cowpens (super rural area, so fun!) and promise lots of blessings. All in all, a fantastic exchange. 

So, Miracle Moment: On Thursday, Sister Belyea and I were walking, and we noticed ominous black clouds rolling in. We were a good couple miles from our destination, and without umbrellas. The wind started blowing really hard, and it started to sprinkle, and we were resigning ourselves to a very wet walk, when a green minivan pulls up next to us on the road, and out pops brother Digsby! "Hey sisters, It’s starting to rain! What are you doing out here?!?" We explained that we were on our way to go visit a less active sister, and he stopped and thought for a second, and then told us that he just happened to have 2 umbrellas in his car, that we could borrow and bring to him at church! It was cool to see just how much the Lord takes care of those that take care of his children :) it was such a tender mercy!!!
 Bryndee and the miracle umbrella...This thing is huge!

It's a good thing they got those umbrellas look at the downpour!
A cool lesson we got to teach this week: Remember Scott from Boston? We got to teach him the plan of salvation this week, and we felt inspired to take a particular member with us. We were a little bit nervous about it, because the impression we got from Brother Goodman was that he was super quiet, and Scott was one that needed major fellowship. But, we followed through on the prompting, and it turned out amazing! Brother Goodman was able to pull out scriptures, and explain things in a way that Sis. Belyea and I could never have done. It was such a great lesson, and Scott really, really loved it. Its a testimony to me of just how important members are in missionary work!

Best part of the week: WE HAD A BAPTISIM! And oh, what a baptism! Joe has finally joined the true church, and he is so. Stinking. Happy. Ive never seen him so happy!

Bryndee, Joe, and Sister Belyea
The baptismal service was wonderful, we had Bryson give the prayer (he does such a great job.... he is doing so awesome!) and one of our members, Brother Gonzales give a talk on baptism. He was able to bear powerful testimony of the importance of it because he was baptized a few years ago himself. Then, Brother Garrett gave the talk on the Holy Ghost, and made everyone cry. The spirit in that room was super-duper strong, testifying that the decision Joe was making was one that Heavenly Father was very, very proud of. Yesterday, when Joe was confirmed, He was promised that he would be able to lead his family to the temple, there to make more sacred covenants with his Father in Heaven. So cool.

 Joe and his family!

Well, that's my week. It was a super long week, but it was perfect. President Holm says, in regards to serving a mission "the worst its ever been was wonderful" and I completely concur.

Y’all have a blessed week!

S. Derrick 

p.s. Transfers next week! Sister Belyea is freaking. Out. :) Ill let y’all know what happens!

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