Monday, November 25, 2013

See Ya Later Spartanburg!

Welp, transfer calls were this week……………..Audios Spartanburg! I’m pretty sure I’m destined to be the most transferred missionary in the SCCM. I was talking to one of the other sisters, who’s going home this transfer, and she’s only had 4 areas! Ever! And believe it or not…. that’s a normal thing. :) I’m really excited for the new challenge though J should be an exciting week!
This transfer FLEW by. I’m almost at my ½ way point?!? Whaa?!?! That is NOT okay with me. weirdest. thing. ever...... who knew missions went so fast?!? I had my bi- transfer interview with president this last week, and he looked at my record and said "wow. Before you know it, you'll be going home!"
Thanks President..... :P
So, yesterday was my last Sunday in Spartanburg. I was sitting in 1st ward sacrament, and I hadn’t told anyone I was leaving yet, when bishop stands up and announces that he had forgotten to call one of his sacrament speakers, so he asked all 3 of us sister missionaries, from the pulpit, to speak in sacrament. I hear this kind of thing happens often, but… it was the first time speaking in sacrament since I’ve been on a mission. I actually kind of enjoyed it. I got to share a scripture with the congregation, and bear a simple testimony. It was cool to see the people I’d grown to love in the congregation, including Jeffery. I think I’ve written a little bit about Jeffery, but It really hit me as I was sitting on the stand that he was the reason I was sent to Spartanburg. If you look at the numbers, the key indicators I’ve reported these last two transfers, it’s not too terribly impressive. We’ve struggled for people to teach up here. But….. I was so blessed to be a part of Jeffery’s life, in rescuing him and bringing him back into the gospel. He had been to church twice, gotten baptized, and then never came back. When we found him, he was a proud member of 1st Baptist of Spartanburg… but as we shared our testimonies with him, and pieces of the book of Mormon, he grew. He changed. And he came back. The Lord really, really blessed me with that.
This week, we had exchanges with Sister Baker. I love going on exchanges with new trainees.... it’s one of my favorite things. She has so much MTC fire, and just loves being a missionary. We got the opportunity to teach a lot of lessons with her, and her teaching really impressed me. She really knows how to testify with the spirit. We also got to teach a really cool lesson to Te’arra and Domonique. They felt the spirit and asked us if we could teach their deployed sister over skype, and asked us to come to their Thanksgiving dinner to meet all the rest of their family. Awesome J I can’t wait to see Sister Stout at MLC and find out how it goes J
Bryndee, Sister Baker, and Sister McNeece.
So, we had a bit of a scare this week. Our investigator, Wanda (who has a lot of health problems) had dropped off the face of the earth for a few weeks. We finally just stuck a note in her door, and asked her to contact us. A few weeks later, it was still there. Nobody had gone in or out. We were seriously scared that she had died in there……. So we had Bro. Holstein, an undercover cop in the 2nd ward, to go and do a ‘welfare check’ on her (apparently, that’s an actual thing that cops do… who knew?) Good news! She’s alive and kickin’! J we’re eager to start teaching her again.
So, shortish letter this week, but that’s okay. Life is superb, I love being a missionary, and I don’t ever want it to end!!!
Ya’ll have a blessed week!
Sister Derrick
Happy Birthday Sister McNeece
Sister Stout, The Birthday Girl, and Bryndee.

Bryndee and Sister Stout got up early to decorate for Sister McNeece's Birthday. 

Silly girls!  Sister McNeece, Bryndee and Sister Stout

Burrrrrrrr it's cold outside!

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