Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Old Fashioned Missionary Work!

Summerville has the strangest weather I’ve ever experienced.  This week we’ve had severe thunderstorms and then cloudless days…days that are 20 degrees and then the next day will be in the 70’s…It’s messin’ with me!
This week has been a good one.  You know those weeks that just are not super remarkable…?  That was this week.  Noting super duper special happened, just a week full of good, old-fashioned missionary work!  J
Some People we’ve been seeing this week:
DeeDee – DeeDee is a 40-something year old woman from Detroit.  She came to Summerville to be able to take better care of her health (She has lost almost 200 lbs since she’s been here!) and, when we knocked into her she had just finished reading the entire Bible in 90 days.  She’d been on such a spiritual high, that when she saw us at the door, she let us right in…without a single word from us!  J  She has a church that she is strong in, but is open to change if that’s what God wants for her.  She’s such a neat lady to teach!  Right now she’s on baptism to February 8th J
Larsel – pronounced “Lar-Cell”.  Larsel grew up on the “streets” without any “instructions” from a mom or dad. (Have I told you yet? Southern people have this tendency to replace their T’s with C’s.  Why? No clue.  But it’s cute!) We were walking by  his apartment on our way to visit a less-active sister, when Larsel yells “hey! What’re y’all sellin?”  We love when people ask us that. J  We told him about the Book of Mormon, and told him we’d give him a copy for free. He was so excited!  We assigned him alma 36 and  set up a time to come back, and then went on to our Less Active appointment.  Well the appointment fell through, so we jumped across a nearby river/ditch type thing, on our way to check up on a few leads.  No sooner then we’d crossed, Larsel comes bolting out of his front door, and literally chased us down, waving the Book of Mormon in the air.  “I read it! I just sat down and read the chapter!  This Alma guy is just like me!!!”  He was shouting…really loud.  J I’ve never seen someone so excited about the Book of Mormon before!
The Brimley Family – Not an investigator or anything, just a really, really great family.  They’ve fed us 4 times this week!  J  I love families like that!
So by way of random news – Sister Lamb dyed my hair!  We had bought the hair color for a recent convert to do on a p-day, but during planning on Friday night, Sister Lamb looked up and was like “hey…wanna dye your hair?”  So….we did.  And it turned out ….exactly the same color as it was…hahaha!   J
So, we’re having another Big Lift!  We drove down to Columbia for a “Lift – Crew” Meeting.  We drove 2.5 hours, had a 20 min meeting, and then drove back…haha!  It was a really good meeting though.  President talked to us quite a bit about pride.  He told us that pride is the root of every human relationship problem.  And you know what?  It’s true!  Just kind of interesting…
Church this Sunday was NUTS!!!  There was a pipe that burst in the building that Summerville 2nd & 3rd Ward meet in, so their meetings got cancelled, and they came to our ward.  Remember when President Riggs was Bishop in AZ and our ward went back to the stage in the cultural hall?  Yeah, that was us on Sunday.  It was cool to see all those missionaries (6 companionships) with their investigators though.  Every companionship had at least one investigator, and we topped it out at 3 J  There was a neat spirit there with all those investigators J
On Monday (this was last week, but noteworthy none the less J) we went to a place called “Perfectly Frank’s”  It was on the Food Network…and they have the funniest Hot Dogs you’ve ever seen!  A few favorites: 
The Anne Frank = A turkey dog w/Swiss cheese, slaw, and spicy mustard. 
The Aretha Franklyn = Hot dog w/pulled pork, bbq sauce, slaw & crispy onions (I had this one…YUM!)
Frankie “Elvis” = Hot dog with melted peanut butter, grilled bananas, bacon, and honey J  Funny place!
A note to Jessica Kleinman (if she still reads these?) – You should check out the Lower Lights…they sound like Mumford & Sons and the Liminers, and they do church music.  You’d like them.  Favorite song = be Thou My Vision…look it up!  Also you should write me!  J
Welp I hope y’all have a blessed week!
Sister Derrick

Cute Sisters!
 Bryndee and Sister Lamb's area...3 times larger than they though.
A clever sign she saw.

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