Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello From The Islands!

Friends & Family

Hello!  Hope this letter finds you thoroughly happy and warm.  This week has been the most downright crazy week of my mission bar none…I literally did not spend a single day in my area this week, which made me a little sad, but it was such a jam-packed fun week!

It started with a text from the ZL’s on Monday – “the Governor of SC just announced a state of emergency for most of the state for tonight & tomorrow due to icing conditions.  So we must ground the cars through tonight and tomorrow.  Be extra safe and careful.”   So we walked to all our leads within walking distance and it started to rain…freezing rain!  Who knew this kind of stuff existed!  Then – “Elders and Sisters until further notice, we are on lock down and to stay inside.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! We love you.”  Shoot! We were kinda confused about the reason behind the whole lockdown thing (it was cold but not that bad…I mean, we could still work!)  Untill the next morning when trees started exploding…literally.  It got so cold that the water in the trees froze expanded, and then the trees EXPLODED!!!  Sounded like gunshots!  Limbs everywhere!  Muy Loco!  Lots of power lines went down (including ours…) So the whole city lost power…we were all pretty convinced it was the second coming…but!  ON the upside, I got a lot of Book Of Mormon studying done, and Sister Lamb cut my hair! (For concerned third parties it’s not any shorter…just way more even.  Don’t wanna freak my siblings out again) 

So, lockdown killed Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday.  We were so stir crazy by the end of it…I just wanted to get out and work!!!  Wednesday afternoon they finally let us out, and I headed up to James Island for a crazy 3 day exchange.  We have a sister up there that’s struggling quite a bit, so El Presidente asked us to go on double exchanges with the companionship.  So I ended up there for a few days.  First exchange was S. Davis from Nephi, Utah (I really ought to get a map of Utah…I never know where these places are!) 

Sister Davis and Bryndee
This exchange was jam-packed with Miracles!  For example:  A few minutes after I got into the car:  *phone ringing!* It’s an unknown number. 

I picked up:  “Hello Sister Missionaries!”


“Hey! What can I help you with?”


“Well my name is James.  I got this card on my door a few weeks ago and it’s been sitting on my table.  I looked up the website today and I was on there for like 3 hours.  I don’t know what it is, but I felt compelled to call…can you guys tell me more about this Joseph Smith guy?” Way cool!

-And then every home we knocked, we were let in, and taught some way bold lessons.

-We contacted this guy who was not interested and completely high, but he gave us some referrals.

-Plus much, much more!

Cool thing was I had decided to fast earlier that day and then miracles.  I always forget what a testimony I have of fasting until I do it.  And then amazing things happen.  Heavenly Father is just so cool!

The next day, I had Sister Daniels from Austin TX.  She was trained by Sister Houston!  Man, I miss that girl! (And Sister Gardner too!)  Anyways she was really, really fun to work with.  We taught some amazing powerful lessons.  Next we taught a less active brother that reminded me SO MUCH  of my Dad…so that was fun!

Bryndee and Sister Daniels
Then I came home just in time for Sunday.  We got to teach Kitt, and that was a miracle.  Whenever we teach Kitt Sister Lamb would do the singing I didn’t know, because she took 2 semesters of ASL in college.  But I’ve been studying and watching the Book of Mormon in ASL (we got DVD’s from Kitt) and I was able to answer all his questions myself this time!   Super cool experience of Heavenly Father blessing me for working really, really hard.  We’re hoping to (finally!) get him a baptism date soon. 

Welp, that’s my week.  Oh guess what! I’m finally getting to spend more than 3 months in an area!!!  Sister Lamb is getting transferred out (I’m super sad…she was such a fun companion).  But Robinson & Stoleworthy are staying.  Should be a fun transfer!

Sister Lamb and Bryndee...Last week together as companions.

Sister Lamb and Bryndee.  Summerville sure is going to miss Sister Lamb!
Sister Lamb's going away cake from a family in the ward...Too cute!

Well I love you all, and I hope you’re staying safe and sharing the gospel like crazy


Sister Derrick


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