Monday, June 16, 2014

So Cool Being A Missionary!

So this week will go down in mission history as the week I drove the mission TRUCK!!!!!
Back story:  We get out of a lesson with some less active members, and we check our phone…6 missed calls from the assistants to the president…Shooot!  So we call them back.  “Sisters, we’re going to need you to drive a truck for a couple of days…is that ok? I was so stoked!  So we got to drive a MASSIVE  Chevy Silverado for a few days.  It was grand!
A cool story¨ One of our Pohnpeian recent converts, Rose, finally earned enough money to bring her 12 year old daughter to America@  That seems to be a trend among Pohnpeians…the parents will come to the US to work, leaving the kids with relatives, and they work and scrimp and save until they can save enough to bring their family over one by one.  I can only imagine what a heart-rending decision that would be…so hard.  But, Rose finally has Millie, and she’s so happy!  We’re going over there today to teach her the first lesson and we’re pretty excited. 
Want to know something cool?  We had so many people want us to come over and teach today, we had to schedule over part of our p-day.  I LOVE being this busy!  Best feeling ever!
We got to spend quite a bit of time with President and Sister Holm this week, which was super neat.  Hey finish their mission at the end of the month so they were introducing us to all the people in the neighborhood they would like us to go and teach.  They’re also throwing a party on the 3oth so President and Sister Turner (the new mission president) can meet the neighbors and we get to go and help.  I can’t wait!
2 cool miracles and then I’ve gotta go:
1.  Brother Allancar is from northern Brazil, and is a less-active member of our ward.  We’ve been by his home quite a few times, and he’s never home.  On Saturday all of our plans, our backups, everything fell through, so we were about to start knocking when the prompting come to go see Brother Allancar.  Hmmmm.  We go and…there he is…painting the railing to his front stairway.  We asked to help, and ended up having a way good conversation with him.
2.  We had biked about 12 miles and I was out of water.  Nobody was home, it was 100% humidity, and I was about ready to keel over and die (not really but kinda…) I said a quick prayer that Heavenly Father would help me make it through that bike ride.  The next door we knock on turns out to be a long lost less active member, and she just happens to have 2 bottles of cold orange soda.  I don’t even like orange soda, but I was just so stinkin’ grateful for an answered prayer, that I chugged it down and was ready to go.
It’s so cool being a missionary!
Y’all have a blessed day!
Sister Derrick

Plan of Salvation...Bryndee style!

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