Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitt Is Getting Baptized!!!

So to kick off this letter, I thought I’d introduce y’all to my new companion:  Say hello to Hermana Rachel Clark!  She was born & raised in Utah, can talk more than anyone I’ve ever met, and is way stoked to be a missionary.  I love her dearly!

This week has been…well, I don’t really know a good word to describe it.  Crazy.   Wonderful.  Hard.  Exhausting.  Miraculous.  Hot!  Good Week!

Sharden (the 14 year old Pohnpeian) is way excited for his baptism on Sunday.  He’s probably the most prepared teenager I’ve ever met!  We showed him the “Even If You Stand Alone” Mormon Message by President Monson for one of our lessons this week.  As the video concluded he turns to us and says with firm resolution, “wow, I just KNOW he’s a prophet.”  So cool!

Oh!  I got to see Sister Glauser at transfer meeting on Wednesday…and…KITT IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!! Plus, they finally got an ASL missionary in Summerville!  I don’t think Sister Call (my companion that just got transfered) had ever seen me cry up to that point, but when President announced that they were putting an ASL sister in…man, I was a mess.  I was so happy!

Quick funny story, and then I’ve got to go.  So we were biking to a less active member’s home, and Sister Clark was going WAY slow.  I was hardly pedaling, and she kept shouting at me to slow down.  So we crest a hill, and I stop at the top to let her catch up.  She jumped off to drink some water and I take a good look at her bike…and bust up laughing.  She’d been riding for almost 3 miles in 7th gear!  Poor dear!  She was so excited when she figured out how to switch the gears…so funny!

Well, I love y’all and I want to invite you to take a good, long look at Mosiah 24.  The promises in that chapter are so true…the Lord remembers the covenants we make with him, and pulls us up to meet our challenges.  I sure love him!

Y’all have a blessed week!


Sister Derrick

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