Monday, December 16, 2013

Life Spent In God's Service!

First, I wanted to tell y’all about a scary dream I had. I dreamt that I was home, and Porter (my 17 year old brother, for those who don't know) had decided that he no longer believed the teachings of the church. He had decided that he was going over to the Jehovah's Witness faith. Now, I have no beef with the Jehovah's witnesses... In fact, I really respect them for their devotion to their beliefs. But it was the most horrible feeling, because I know, beyond doubt, that this is the only church with God's authority. In my dream, there was no telling porter that. He was so hard hearted.... I just wanted to shake him!
I woke up way freaked out. As I've been thinking about it, I had a kindof lightbulb moment. That intensity of feeling is what I should be feeling with every person I see. It still shakes me up, just thinking about it... and it’s given me new perspective on the way I see people.
Yesterday, I read a really cool article about Neal A Maxwell. When he was serving in WWII (I think?) He was crouched in a foxhole with warfare going on around him. He prayed to heavenly father that if he would spare his life, that life would be spent in Gods service. Elder Maxwell lived, and he kept his promise... even through 8 years of leukemia. He was such a cool example of selfless service.
I got to write for Kitt (our ASL investigator, also my favorite to teach right now) in sacrament meeting yesterday. It was a powerful experience. Kitt has been struggling with the decision to live the law of chastity, and the decision to be baptized. The first talk was Elena’s, on her conversion story. she talked about being scientologist, and watching South Park, and how South Park made fun of a lot of different religions, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t make the Mormon religion seem dumb. She talked about taking the lessons, and how the decision to be baptized was the best one she ever made. Then, a RM spoke on conversion, and constantly and consistently making good choices to be more like our Savior, even when it’s hard. Both talks were custom written for Kitt, it seemed like. I could literally feel the spirit pouring out of my pen. Neatest feeling ever.
Also.... try writing out sacrament meeting sometime. My hand is seriously SO. TIRED. :)
Cool experience last night: Sis. Lamb was a little bit burnt out (it was her first 3 exchange week... poor dear...) and was having a rough time getting up and going. It didn't help that we were struggling with where to go, as all our plans fell through. We prayed to know where God wanted us. Then, lacking the inspiration as to where exactly, but feeling an urgency to go, we went from lead to lead, each time getting a no from the Spirit. It was a little bit frustrating. We finally decided that we were going to go knock a street while we tried to figure out where we were needed. Now, it was 8:15 at night, pitch black, and this is usually not a good time to go knocking in the neighborhood where we went, because there are lots of families with small children that get out of bed when they hear the knock on the door. These people tend to get really irritated at us. But last night, as we knocked, every door that opened (and there were quite a few!) we were able to start a good conversation and were invited back to teach. We ended up with more solid contacts and return appointments in that 45 min. than we had all day! I love how when we get up and do something, even when it’s hard and discouraging, God rewards our efforts and diligence with miracles :)
Hope y’all have a blessed week!
Sister Derrick

What a fun treat we received in a package today.  Oh how I miss  her sketches!

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