Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Season 7, Episode 2 (I have no Idea what that means!)

I only have about 15 min. left of my hour to email, so I’ll be quick:
We had a baptism this weekend. Paula is someone that Sister Lamb and her previous companion had knocked into, who was very, very prepared. That woman has faced more adversity in getting baptized than anyone i have ever met. She had her Interview with President Stubbs on Wednesday, and we were so worried that her husband wouldn't let her go. We got to the church to meet her and found her sitting on a chair in the hallway. She looked up, saw us, and burst into tears. We pulled her into a classroom and she told us that there had been a very scary situation involving guns and alcohol at home, and she was so worried about her family. We were able to read from the book of Mormon with her, and pull the elders into the room to give her a priesthood blessing. I have never felt such a strong spirit as I did in that little classroom. She told us the next day that she had never even thought to call off or postpone her baptism; even with everything Satan had thrown at her... she just knew that it was what God wanted her to do and that she was going to be blessed. I look up to that woman so much.  I loved getting to watch her make covenants with her Heavenly Father. She is super excited to get to go to the temple and do the same for her mother and father. She bore her testimony afterward and said she felt "tickly from the inside out" :) way cute!
Sister Lamb, Paula, and Bryndee
Today, for dinner, we are going to the birthday party of one of our recent converts. It’s FHE themed :) I'm way excited :)
We got to give a training in ztm last Thursday. I've got to say, I've gotten a lot more confident in my public speaking skills. It’s cool to look back in my journal and see how much I've grown in that aspect since I first came out :) It still freaks me out, but.... I'm starting to get used to it I guess :)
Miracle! We got a call from one of our ward members this week: "hey, I heard you were looking for someone to translate sacrament meeting into ASL.... my daughter is less active, but she said that she would help y'all, if you were interested?"
So now we've got a potential baptism and re-activation, all in one! We're super excited!
Welp, I hope your week is blessed, and you're sharing the gospel like crazy!!!
Sister Derrick

Probabally the most creative "mission tree" I have ever seen. 

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