Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas Week!

This week in brief summary:  

Monday: Folly Beach with Elena. So. Fun.... I got to see the ocean! We also went and saw the spray paint wall in Charleston. Basically, this boat company let people spray paint all over the back of their building. I'm pretty sure that I took more pictures Monday than I have my whole mission. Also saw the angel oak. (Oldest tree in the world, older than Jesus, and it looks like lord of the rings. so. fun!)


Sister Lamb, Elena, and Bryndee at Folly Beach!

Bryndee enjoying the pier at Folly Beach.

Bryndee at the spray paint wall.

Just a small part of the spray paint wall in Charelston, SC.

Angel Oak...amazing!

Sister Lamb and Bryndee in front of the Angel Oak.

Tuesday: Exchanges with S. Howton from Sacramento, CA. She is such a fantastic Missionary!! It was so fun teaching with her, and learning from her too. We got to put someone on date together.... It was great :) The kid we put on date is named Westley. He's 19ish and looking for the truth about God. He was raised a Baptist, and has been going to a Methodist church, but wasn’t totally happy. We went to go see him, and he was totally open and interested. We taught him about Joseph Smith, and he felt like he could totally relate. He is just honestly searching for the truth. I love teaching people like that :) We also did quite a bit of knocking, and met a fashion photographer! Cool guy! 

Wednesday: LOOOOOONG day. Lots of knocking. Knocked in the ghetto for a little bit (or, as ghetto as Summerville gets... not very :)) and taught Kitt. 

Thursday: Christmas Zone Conference!!! SO FUN! There were trainings (we got to give one on teaching simply) Skits (Funniest one was star wars themed.... Luke I am your home teacher.... This is not the Bible you're looking for... The Methodists strike back... etc. :)) 

Musical numbers (the Spanish elders did Feliz Navidad with huge sombreros and danced.... funniest thing ever.) and we got to watch Ephraim’s Rescue. Oh my heavens, that’s an inspiring movie. Loved it.
Friday: Weird day. I felt so off, because I'd had pretty much nothing but candy to eat all week (the only downer about this ward.... I've had 1 member meal :( oh well!) We saw almost all of our recent converts in one day, so that was pretty cool.  

Saturday: Sister Lamb’s birthday! The Armstrong’s surprised her with a birthday cake and fun stuff of the sort. They're such a fun family! They let us play around on the 3D printer that Bro. Armstrong built.... something I thought dad would appreciate :) anyways, they called Sis. Lamb’s family and let them sing happy birthday to her, and then hung up right after :) she cried. It was fantastic :) 

Sunday: Christmas Sunday. We had an amazing choir sing, and we got to sing like 12 hymns. It was so cool to watch Kitt participate by signing the hymns. I wish I could get a video. It was a great day, full of the Christmas spirit.  

Well, there's my week. I swear, someday I'm going to have time to write an actual, full length letter.... and spell check it too! 

Hope y’all have a blessed Christmas! 

Sister Derrick

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