Thursday, May 15, 2014

Letting Go Of The Box Under The Bed!

Hello my family! So I’m sitting in a very empty room right now at a very empty table working where I’ll be writing from next week. I got a call from President and am going to be transferred on Wednesday to who-knows-where. So I’ve packed up all my stuff (pretty quick I might add…I seem to be getting pretty good at this…) and am sitting down to a few minute break and write y’all a quick note.
My Week:
Monday – grocery shopped. Emailed. Cleaned and cleaned for apt inspections. Ate Thai food. All in all a phenomenal P-day.
Tuesday – Exchanges with Sister Mchaley. We saw all of the recent converts, on one side our map, found a cool YSA lead (she’s responsible for the Charleston YSA Branch), and spent some time in Ridgeville (think…Mayberry. Super tiny super cute!) Exhausting day. We worked hard!
Wednesday – Finished up our exchanges with YSA, and then headed up to Walterboro branch for yet another exchange. Seriously the most fun I’ve ever had on an exchange. Sister Law (my temporary companion) was the greatest! So fun! I’m pretty sure we could be best friends.
Out in Walterboro, we had the opportunity to meet a woman named Dee. She let us right in (she said she’d talk to anyone with Christ’s name on their badge) and it turns out that she lived in AZ for a second (Yuma of all places) and was married to a Mormon they have since split ways, and all she had of his was an old blue copy of the Book of Mormon! For your old codgers that remember, it’s the one with the Angel Moroni on the front. Anyways, we taught her about the restoration, and she really felt the spirit. She accepted a baptismal date, and I’m way excited. Good exchange!
Thursday – Closed up exchanges for the transfer (that’s always an amazing feeling…like we accomplished something massive)
Friday – Put a man named Michael on date for baptism! Yahoo! His lesson started off pretty rocky. He kept going off on random questions and rants (why is Jesus white on your pamphlet? Where do you think God came from? Where can I get a Mormon wife?...that sort of thing) But we taught him a bit about how the Spirit can answer some of his questions as he listened to our message. We began to teach and the member we brought testified of her conversion, and the room got very quiet. The Spirit was there so strong and it was wonderful. Anyway’s he has a pretty soft date for May 31st. Should be good.
Saturday – We did a MASSIVE service project for “Habitat for Humanity”! There was a fair that they put on almost entirely manned by missionaries. It was so fun, but so exhausting. WE got to teach a few pretty cool people including (but not limited to) Miss Freshman of Summerville High (and future Miss America, she’ll be the first to tell you), a funny old man from New Jersey, who’s son may be a Mormon, he can’t remember, and the woman at the booth next to us who sat the whole 9 hours we were there & read the Book of Mormon. Way cool day! Oh and transfer call from President…not so happy about this.
Sunday – We had an ASL translator come from Augusta for Kitt & Alison! Both loved it! It was cool to see them so happy. Also, one of the little Primary kids was watching the while they sang for Mother’s Day and started waving her arms around, trying to do the signs. So funny and so cute. Also got to talk to you guys! A Good Day!

I got these fun pictures in the mail...Cute girls!

Welp, a quick thought before I go: I was studying the Atonement this morning and had an interesting thought. In Leviticus Chapter 4, it talks about the process of sacrifice involved in being forgiven of your sins. A very valuable, very clean lamb must be given. Then, in Hebrews 9 it compares that sacrifice to the sacrifice of Heavenly Father, giving up his perfect lamb. Whether you’re looking at the Mosaic Sacrifice, or the Father’s Sacrifice both give up something of great value, and they give it up completely, withholding nothing. So, my thought is this: when I’m repenting what am I giving up? Or am I stilling holding on to things? Sister Holm gave a talk once on what she calls the box under the bed…the little things we withhold, that are “too much” to let go of. I testify that when we apply Christ’s Atonement, and ask for his help, with real intent, we can be free from those things that are hard to give up. We are changing, dynamic beings. We were created to grow, and to be more than we are…but it requires sacrifice on our part. My invitation to everyone is to simply pray, find the “box under your bed”, and covenant with Heavenly Father to give it up. You’ll be blessed if you do!
Love Y’all!
Have a blessed day!
Sister Derrick
A few weeks ago Bryndee, Sister Glauser and their roommates went and toured a Manor House on their P-day.  Such a cool old house.  I love the smiles and the beautiful pictures!

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