Thursday, May 29, 2014

Highish-Highs and Lowish-Lows

Kaselelia!  Or hello (for you Americans)!
So, let’s start my letter off this week with a miracle.  Sister Call and I were contacting in a neighborhood called Yacht Cove (if that gives you any kind of hint as to what kind of place it was…scary place to tract.)  When we start to walk up to a man walking his dog and talking on his cell phone.  He looks up, see us coming, and almost drops his phone, he looks so surprised to see us.  Following is a conversation between him and us.
HIM  “Wow I thought ya’ll were never coming.  You want to meet my wife?”
US  “Umm…sure.  Were you expecting us?”
HIM  “Oh well my daughter is on a mission in Florida.  My wife is dying of cancer, and I told her she could send the sisters by if she wanted to…but that was like a month ago, so I thought she’d forgotten.”
Turns out this man was very, very less active.  He had been offended by a bishop in Salt Lake, and had moved here years ago without anyone knowing.  Cool thing was the Lord knew exactly where he was, and sent the missionaries right when we were needed.  Isn’t it so cool being a missionary!!!
This week was…interesting.  Lots of highish-highs followed by lowish-lows.  But all is good.  It seems that almost all of our investigators abruptly dropped us, dropped the ball, or dropped off the face of the planet this week.  But all is well!  We’re finding new people to teach.  Working with the ward, and having a jolly good time!  I love being a missionary!
So not much to write about this week…quite a bit of knocking, street contacting, and sweating.  So, I’ll just share a thought from the scriptures and close up.  Ether 12:23 & 26 was one of Sister Gardner’s (now Walker) favorite scripture to share with people.  I came across it in my studies this morning, and was drawn to a phrase in verse 26:  “…my grace is sufficient for the meek…”  In these verses, Moroni is bemoaning his skills as a writer, criticizing the awkwardness of his hands, and wishing he could express himself as well as the brother of Jared does.  Eventually, the Lord cuts in and reminds him that as long as he’s meek (God-fearing, righteous, humble, teachable & patient…according to Elder Ulisses Soares last October) the Lord will qualify his work with the Savior’s grace.  It will be okay.  Elder Soares also says “upon acknowledging our dedication & perseverance, the Lord will give us that which we are not able to attain due to our imperfections and human weaknesses.”  This is the Lord’s work, and as long as we consistently do all we can to earn his trust, it’ll all work out.  I sure love the Lord for that!
Ya’ll have a blessed week!
Sister Derrick
P.S.  Oh a quick note before I forget.  In my interview, President Holm asked about Porter…he then told me (ha-ha he didn’t give me permission, he commanded me) to call the week before he goes into the MTC.  I’ll have a new President by the, but President Holm said he’d let him know.  Just FYI!  I’ll only be able to talk to Porter, and it’s only for 40 minutes, but it should be pretty cool!  Love ya!

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