Monday, May 19, 2014

The Rolling Hills of Irmo!

Hello Family!
So, this letter’s gonna be rather brief, because it’s currently 5:22, and I have to be out the door soon.
So, I was transferred, and landed in good ol' Irmo, the home base of the South Carolina Columbia Mission. We share the ward with the assistants to the president, and the work here is rolling!!! I live in an apartment with 2 other sisters (sister Borglethaus and sister Shauerhammer (I think that’s how you spell them? hardest names ever...) and a senior sister named Sister Barlowe. so fun
Things I love about Irmo:
              Bikes! We bike everywhere! Way exhausting, but so fun!
Pompeian! We’re teaching a family from Micronesia, and baptized one of their little girls this weekend. So cute! This is the 5th language I’ve learned to teach on my mission so far.... English, Spanish, Portuguese, ASL, and now Pompeian..... Crazy huh?
The Members! The members here are stellar. So much untapped referral potential!
My Companion! My companion is sister Call, from Washington State. She has been out 3 months, and is super diligent and obedient. I love her so much :) She's a fantastic teacher, and we have lots of fun. She's got a sister on a mission in Florida somewhere, who entered the MTC the same day I did! Kind of fun.
I haven’t been here long, but the work’s rolling, and I am SO STINKING HAPPY!!!!
Y’all have a blessed day!
Sister Derrick
Saying goodbye to Sister Glauser. 
I guess Sister Glauser likes to sketch as much as Bryndee does.  These two are so much alike yet so different...I guess that's what makes great companions!
I always give Bryndee a hard time for her lack of info in her letters...she took a picture of Sister Glauser's letter to show that she isn't the only one with lack of info...silly girl!  

Bryndee and Sister Call with the family that speaks pompeian. 

Bryndee, Sister Belyea (Bryndee trained her), Sister Ramstedt (Sister Belyea trained her), and a sister that Sister Ramstedt is trainging...Bryndee is a great Grandma.

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