Monday, April 28, 2014

Because of Him

So to kick off this letter, I’d like to invite everyone I know to go visit  Visit, watch, blog, tweet,…spread the word!  This video is amazing and I want the world to see it!
Now back to your regularly scheduled programming!
Hola familia!!! Hope y’all  had a good week and are preparing yourselves to remember the Savior this week, and the whole reason he was sent to us.
My week was nuts.  So fun but nuts (I feel like I say that in every single letter…but it’s true!).  We started off with exchanges in Goose Creek with Sister Manning.  That girl is cool!  She’s a rodeo queen in Idaho, grew up on a ranch, and can rope anything.  Besides that, she’s a stellar missionary.  She had only been in the area for 4 days and was able to plan for an exchange, by herself.  I was way impressed.

Bryndee and Sister Manning
We had Sister’s conference.  I got to see all my old companions, and ate a ridiculous amount of salad.  A good time was had by all, so I’m told.

We had what’s known as a “Summerville Day of Service”, and I got to volunteer at Gregg Middle School.  I spray-painted a fence black, and cleaned old paint off of door handles.  Best part = free watermelon at the end.  Yummmm!


We had a baptism this weekend!  Sweet 10 year old Alysa was baptized this Saturday, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday (her birthday!).  I’ve never seen someone so excited about the Gospel.  When we were teaching her grandma (remember Paula back in November?  This is her grandbaby) she would very quietly play in the background, listening.   About 3 months after her grandma was baptized, she approached us and asked us if she was “allowed” to come to church and be baptized too.  It was so sweet, and she was a joy to teach.

Sister Glauser and Bryndee...SO VERY TIRED!

Welp, that’s my week.  Hope y’all  is blessed.


Sister Derrick

P.S. Sorry this letter’s such a short guy…duty calls!

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