Monday, April 14, 2014

Forget Yourself!

‘Ello Family!  Hope y’all are having a blessed week!  I know I invite you to at the end of every letter, but…I really hope you do!

This week was one of those weeks that felt like we shoved six million years into 5 minutes.  It’s a gooooooood feeling!

We kicked off the week by putting someone new on baptismal date!  Sweet Donna, our recent convert, has been bringing one of the little girls belonging to the family she lives with to church with her the past few weeks and we invited her to baptism on Monday.  That dear sweet girl is so excited, and so are we!  Her name is Sara, and she’s eleven.  It’s been amazing to see the fire & drive of a recent convert!  We’ve brought more souls to the Savior through them, than all of our other members put together!  They have no qualms about sharing, because they know what it is like to be without the truth.  They inspire me, and someday I hope to be as good a missionary as they are.

We also had Mission Leadership Council this week.  We got to discuss and plan the upcoming zone conferences and put together a Sister’s Specialized Training Meeting for the 10th of this month…Seriously so stinkin’ excited!  Members of the Missionary General Board are coming to teach, and it’s going to be amazing!

Friday was Zone training Meeting.  Sister Glauser and I got to give a training on…how to give a training.  It was the most confusing training I’ve ever had to plan (try role-playing role-playing a role-play…its pretty fun!) but the spirit was there, so it was a success I’d say.

Then, I finally capped of the week with the words of the Prophet.  Oh, how I love Conference!  This year’s conference was so inspiring! So many simple testimonies of the Savior, his love for us, and the things he expects us to do as his covenant people.  I’d invite anyone who reads this, if they haven’t already, to visit and watch all 5 sessions.  You’ll be blessed and inspired!

Conference sketch!

After Conference Selfies.


This next week should be an excellent one…we’ve got our Sister’s Conference in Columbia, exchanges with the Goose Creek sisters, Sister Robinson’s birthday, our “Summerville cares: day of service”, and if all goes well, Alysa’s baptism! 

A quick scripture before I sign off:  this week I’ve been reading Helaman 10.  It opens with Nephi teaching a group of people.  He’s got the spirit, he’s excited…and all the people get up and leave in the middle of his lesson.  They literally just stand up and walk out.  Ouch!  So, he starts walking home and he has this amazing vision, but what I want to focus on is HOW he was able to have this amazing revelatory experience.  Take a look at verses 2 and 3.  What was he thinking about, as he was walking?  Not what HE was doing, or what HE had wanted, or what those people thought of HIM…no, his thoughts were entirely focused on the children of God, and how they could be helped.  I’m entirely convinced that God does not give us selfish blessings or revelation.  All that he gives us are a means to helping his precious children…just look at Nephi.  He’s given this amazing blessing; he hears the Lord’s voice and is given great power for the blessing of God’s children.

So my invitation to you this week:  Forget yourself.  Heavenly Father knows your struggles and worries, so why spend so much of your time and energy re-hashing them over and over in your mind?  Use that energy to bless another instead, and you’ll find your trials much more bearable than you thought. 

I love you very much, and you’re in my prayers!

Y’all have a blessed week!

Love, Sister Derrick

Bryndee has discovered Thai Food...and she LOVES it!



Wearing the T-Shirts I sent them from San Franscisco...looking good girls!

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