Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Being A Follower Of Christ!

Hola Familia!  Hope ya’ll had some serious fun in San Francisco!  You looked like a Full House rerun in all the pictures minus the poofy bangs!
This week was packed full of meetings…(sometimes, being a STL is like that…meeting after meeting after meeting.)  But, cool part was these meetings were presided over by Elder Zwick, of the First Quorum of the Seventy!  That man has more energy than Taralee on Halloween!  He’s so funny!  I learned TONS But I think my biggest take-away from the meeting was about being a real true follower of Jesus Christ.  The last few months or so, I’ve noticed that we’ve had training after training after training on the mechanics of missionary work…putting people on date…being early, often, & bold in inviting to baptisim…working with members…contacting…the list goes on.  But what Elder Zwick relly focused on what a missionary needs to be, instead of what a missionary needs to do.  He taught me how important it was to come to know the man I’m serving & how the closer we come to Him the more our nature changes to be more like his.  He said “let the spirit within you help you elevate your performance.  Miracles have not ceased!  Are you willing?”  As we come to know the savior & we not just know about him, his will for us becomes not only clear, but attractive. 
Like I said, I learned a lot of other things, but I would have a mile-long letter if I wrote it all down.
A cool lesson we had this week:  We taught Fred (His name has been changed for privacy) this week, who’s still on date for the 29th of March.  The lesson itself was pretty un-remarkable until the closing prayer.  The member we brought invited Fred to say the closing prayer.  Now, by way of background info, Fred is struggling in his family.  He caught his wife cheating on him a few weeks ago and has been living all alone.  So when he shyly started into his prayer he earnestly thanked the Lord for the people from the church who “really actually care enough for me to keep coming by.”  I cried.  The spirit in the room was so strong because this lost and lonely child of God was starting to find his way home.  Way cool.
The other person we put on date this week was Alysa.  She is the 9 year old granddaughter of Paula who approached us and asked if she could “pretty please be baptized?”  Oh, my heart melted.  Have I told you that my very favorite people teach in the whole world are kids and the handicapped?  Oh, I’m so excited to teach her!
Welp, that’s my week.  Sorry for the short letter, but I’ve been up at 4:00 am a few too many times this week for meetings, and am in great need of a NAP!
Ya’ll have a blessed week!
Hermana Derrick!
These girls are supposed to be studying...I think they have way too much fun together!  Bryndee has said her and Sister Glauser will be forever friends!

Sister Glauser and Bryndee studying hard...Whatever!

Huge waffles...I have no idea if she ate all that.

Elena took Sister Glauser and Bryndee out for dessert...she ordered 5 treats.  Once again I have no idea if they ate all this. 

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