Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How Do You Feel About Those You Love?

Hello Family! Hope you’re enjoying the sun down there, ‘cause it’s been a week since I’ve seen it…you’ve got one very soggy, very tired, very happy missionary down here!
My week kicked off (as it usually does) with exchanges. Sister Dent from Utah (as they usually are) came to work my area with me. One of my favorite lessons we taught together was with a woman named DeeDee. She was a woman Sister Lamb and I had found a few months ago, but when we found her, she was having a hard time keeping commitments. We stopped in on her, showed her the gospel library app and simply bore testimony of the Book of Mormon. It’s amazing the power of the stories in that book. I’ve grown to love the stories of Nephi, Enos, Helaman, Mormon, and Alma. These people went through trials that amaze me, and wrote down their feelings so thousands of years later; I can know that Jesus Christ is the One I can look to for a remission of my sins. I read their stories and think “hey I’ve felt that before, too.” And then these people became real. There’s no other book like it (and I’ve read a lot). Anyways…DeeDee committed to read 3 Nephi 11 and is coming to our weekly Book of Mormon class on Wednesday. We’re pretty excited.
My next exchange was with Sister Boyson in North Charleston. That exchange was probably the most miraculous of my mission. Sister Boyson had planned the exchange so that we had a solid appointment every hour of the day…but as the day went on, every single appointment (except 1) fell through. Oh well such is life. Cool thing was, wherever we went, we found someone that was majorly prepared for the gospel. We ended up teaching one lesson with a member present, nine other lessons and picked up four new investigators! N. Chuck (North Charleston) is going to have some major success here pretty soon! It was an amazing, uplifting exchange.
The next day was a specialized conference with the zone. We were asked to give a training on planning by the spirit. Because of all the exchanges, I hadn’t seen my companion all week, so we were super nervous to teach. Luckily, as we shared from the scriptures & role-played with the zone, the spirit took over and it turned out to be a pretty decent training, If I do say so myself. Also, as a random side-note, I beat my whole zone in a basketball shooting contest. There should be a picture somewhere on Facebook of me & the Elder that won the 3 pointer contest (Elder Goesch…that kid is HUGE!) with President & Sister Holm. I’ll have to save it to prove to posterity that I can actually shoot a basketball.
Easter was this week! Christ the Lord is risen again! Hallelujah! Our Sacrament Meeting was all centered around stories of Jesus Christ and it was completely wonderful! Anytime we talk about the Savior the spirit can’t help but testify of the truthfulness of it. I know that He lives, & he loves us. I feel like I’m starting to come to know him on my mission, because I’m doing my best to do what he needs me to do, instead of what I would like to be doing. When I give myself up like that, he gives me something eternally better…himself. Oh, how I love him for that!
We got to eat with some of my favorite members and shared a really cool message with the Brimley family. All-in-all, a beautiful Easter Sabbath!

An Easter treat from a very kind member.  The members in Summervill are wonderful!  They really know how to take care of their missionaries!
One last parting shot. This morning I was studying for yet another training I’m giving tomorrow (they never end!) and I was reading Nephi’s account of his father’s dream (1 Nephi 8) verse 4 caught my attention. “but behold, Laman & Lemuel, I fear exceedingly because of you…" this struck me as odd. I have this distant memory of a Sunday School class, where the teacher quoted President Hinckley as saying sometimes he was nervous & antsy, but with the Lord, he was never afraid. So, what would it take to make a Prophet of God afraid? Take a look at verses 17 & 18. The mere thought of someone that he loved, missing that fruit. Baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, the blessings of the Temple that was enough to make the Prophet scared. My question is, do we feel the same way about those we love? Elder Ballard challenged all of you to invite! Now, are you?
Well, I love you, and I hope you’re sharing this wonderful gospel like crazy!
Y’all have a blessed day!
Sister Derrick
P.S. If anyone sends me mail, we’ve been asked to tell people not to write “sister” or the mission name they’ve been having some problems with missionary mail being tampered with, so they’re trying to stop that from happening. Just put “Bryndee Derrick” please.
Love ya!
She was surprised to get her Eater Package.  I guess it came on a particularly hard day.  Needless to say she was thrilled to get it.

Just a cute picture of my favorite missionary and her companion.  These two really are great girls!

Probably my favorite picture of Bryndee on her mission.  She just looks happy!

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